Get Triple A Credit in 90 Days or Less

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How You Can Have Almost ANYTHING Removed from Your Credit Report -- Even a Bankruptcy & Foreclosures -- with a Few "Unorthodox" (Yet Completely Legal) Secret Strategies that NO ONE ELSE Will Show You!

Yes, You CAN Have Triple A Personal Credit FICO Score in 90 Days or Less!  GUARANTEED! 

From the Desk of Monica Main
Valencia, California
Wednesday, 8:32 PM

Dear Friend,

If you don't have perfect credit right now then you're screwed!  Especially if you plan on doing nothing about it.


Because if you want to be successful taking advantage of some of the most profitable and lucrative opportunities out there, you need to have excellent credit or you'll miss out!
  • You'll miss out on buying real estate for pennies on the dollar, thus turning your back on an untold fortune.
  • You'll miss out on getting lines of credit to take advantage of different investment opportunities, kissing your financial future goodbye.
  • You'll miss out on getting loans to start a business, throwing away your chance to become your own boss while quadrupling what you're making now.
But...what about all the other stuff you're missing out on?
  • You're missing out on buying the car of your dreams...because your credit sucks.
  • You're missing out on buying the home of your dreams, even at a steep discount (because of our economy), so you'll have to pay much more later (if you'll ever qualify)...because your credit is trashed.
  • You're missing out on getting piles of credit cards to buy new clothes, vacations, gifts, stuff you need, things for your kids, and finally taking off the stress of paying your bills...because you screwed over your credit!

My "Unorthodox" Strategies that I CREATED Myself to Get Perfect Credit

One thing that I have a lot of experience with in addition to real estate investing is getting perfect personal credit.  Back in 2003 I thought I had to file for bankruptcy because of some debts put on my credit by my first husband.  Before that time, I actually did have perfect unblemished credit.  My credit score went from the high 600s down to the low 500s overnight.

Of course, like everyone else, after the blows to my credit and the dust settled, I went through every book out there on fixing bad credit.  Most of it was the same old rehashed crap over and over again.

Years later, I met my 2nd husband (yes, I've done this 3 times and double yes, I'm insane).  We were buying a house and he had some major blemishes on his credit report.  He hired an attorney who negotiated all of his debt.  Not only did he (or rather I) had to pay the lowered agreed debt amount, none of it came off his credit!  In fact, even though the debts were paid they still showed DELINQUENT and, even worse, that he payed a SETTLEMENT amount (meaning he didn't pay what he originally owed).

And that sucked!

I'm like, "There is no way in hell I'm paying a lowered negotiated settlement amount just to have it REMAIN on my credit report as a negative mark.  I'd rather have them removed altogether as if they never existed at all!"

This is where it all began and how I had to discover on my own some very unorthodox (yet legal...barely) methods that are NOT in those rehashed Do-It-Yourself Fix-Bad-Credit books out there.  (In fact, I can GUARANTEE that my most successful methods of delinquent account removal aren't in ANY of those books in bookstores or even through downloads.)

Bad Credit = Missed Opportunities

I recently read that there was a rap star who was going for a car loan on a Bentley and wasn't able to get the car even though he showed gross revenues of over a million dollar a month...all because his credit SUCKED!

Sometimes it ain't all about money, folks!  Sometimes it's about good old fashioned credit.  And, of course, "credit" by definition means "to your credit" as an "honorable and trustworthy person" this is how you conduct your financial affairs.  If you cannot be "credited" as a "trustworthy" person with borrowed funds from someone else, no one will do business with you during these hard times because the financial risk on their part is astronomical.

How many opportunities are you missing out on because you don't have any cash?  There are apartment buildings you can get your hands on for about $1,500 - $2,500 PER UNIT in Atlanta, Georgia (one of the fastest growing cities in the United States) but you can't get these apartment buildings WITHOUT CASH.

And if you have no cash, YOU COULD BORROW IT...

But ONLY if you have GOOD CREDIT!

What about a small business opportunity that you could get your hands on for a few grand or more?  This could be the ticket to quadrupling your income while working half the hours and being your own boss!  Except, where are you going to get that kind of cash?

You could take out an unsecured signature loan...

But ONLY if you have GOOD CREDIT!!

But wait...let's back up to that real estate thing I was just talking about for a quick second!

Only a Few Pieces of Property is ALL it Takes to RETIRE!

Think about it: how much does it really take to get rich?  Do you need 10 apartment buildings?  Do you need 100 apartment buildings?

No, actually, you only need a few.  And they can be very small ones too!

Now, if you are getting apartment buildings for PENNIES on the dollar (and there will be NO OTHER TIME in your lifetime as NOW to get deals this cheap...GUARANTEED) yet rents haven't dropped AT ALL in most areas of the can be banking on massive cash flow just from having anywhere from 10 - 20 units TOTAL.

This could give you anywhere from a $5,000 to $7,500 monthly income.  And, of course, that will DOUBLE in 15 years (with inflation) giving you $10,000 to $15,000 per month.  This is complete passive income that you don't have to do ANYTHING for!  It's like having an interest-bearing bank account.

That means throwing in $15,000 to $50,000 for this kind of permanent, fixed, guaranteed monthly income!

Is it hard to borrow that kind of money?!  Not with good credit!  In fact, I have that much available on my credit cards alone not including signature loans.  And that's from my personal credit.  I'm not even referring to my business credit at all which totals hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured credit!

How I Went from the Low 500s to the High 600s in 90 Days

Quite honestly, I didn't even start working on my personal credit until 2008 after I was hit with a mind-boggling seven-figure judgment.  I didn't think I could do much for my personal credit, I was using partners for most of my real estate deals to that point, and during the "hey day" of commercial real estate (up to 2007) personal credit didn't matter on cash flowing properties.

So my personal credit was never a concern UNTIL EARLY 2008 when I couldn't continue buying property anymore because of how strict the banks had gotten!  Was my commercial real estate investing career over?

I thought it was for awhile.

I dropped everything I was doing to start fixing my credit.  I plowed through every lame credit repair book out there.  Every single one of them had the same stupid list of crap to do.  So I dabbled in the credit repair stuff for a couple of months, gave up out of failed frustration, then started again in the fall with a fresh new set of ideas.  All my own ideas, of course, starting off with..."what if...?"

This is when I started "coloring outside of the lines," so to speak.  I started inventing my own processes.

From the second time I attempted the credit repair using my own rules, I was able to go from NO IMPROVEMENTS (using the strategies in bookstore books) to DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS in my FICO score within 90 days.

Again, this is all direct personal experience of my own.  This isn't some deal where I've found a couple of self-proclaimed "experts" on credit repair, interviewed them, and whipped together a course for you.  All of my strategies are based on my OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE based on a system I was forced to invent because the ones out there simply DON'T WORK!

I Can Teach You EVERYTHING I Know Plus a Few Extra Tricks I've Learned in the Past Couple of Years to DRAMATICALLY Improve Your Credit Score

I've created a Personal Credit Building System (Complete Course) to show you all of my invented cutting-edge credit building strategies to PERMANENTLY REMOVE bad credit items from your credit reports using unorthodox strategies that you'll never read about in a rehashed credit repair book.  I'll share with you my own personal experiences, what's worked, what hasn't worked, and how to "get around the system" when removing bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other "permanent" fixtures on your credit report.

Now, I'll admit: I never did get my own bankruptcy off my credit report.  It's on there like Gorilla Glue for another 18 months.  The reason?  Because it was in Orange County (California), it's a large enough jurisdiction where they keep good records.  The smaller the jurisdiction and the longer it's been, the easier it is to remove it.  Otherwise...who cares anyway?  A bankruptcy on your credit report with NO OTHER DELINQUENCIES or negative marks will NOT affect you anyway.

The problem is usually those damned foreclosures.  And I can show you how those can be removed.  I've had several of my students in my business credit mentorship group who I've worked with one-on-one use a little-known "experimental" method (since I've never had a foreclosure myself to test this out on) they've used to have FORECLOSURES REMOVED FOREVER!

Okay, so I will tell you one reason this is possible without giving away the secret and that is...nevermind.  It's too good to let out of the bag and you'll just have to see when you get the course.

What's in the "System"?

My course has the following elements:

  • Manual:  Personal Credit Building Secrets
  • Audio Seminar:  Over an Hour of Power-Packed Secrets in a BRAND NEW Seminar Never Before Revealed to the Public
  • Secret Letters (Forms):  Powerful Forms/Letters to Send to Credit Reporting Bureaus to Blast Your Negative Delinquencies OFF Your Credit Reports
  • Extra Incredible Bonus (Read Below)

All of this is brand new.  None of these elements are in any of my other course materials.  I'm giving you the best, baddest, and most cutting-edge strategies that you will NOT find anywhere else...guaranteed!

In fact, I'm so confident that my strategies are so powerful that I'm willing to tell you this...

Use My System Step-by-Step and Increase Your FICO by 100 Points in 90 Days or I'll Give You a Refund and You KEEP the Course!

And if I weren't that confident in the power of my Personal Credit Building System, would I offer such a bold guarantee?!

The key word is, of course, "USE" my system.  It's easy to buy a course and whip it up on the bookshelf then wonder why the course didn't do the work for you.  You have to follow the system.  Yes, it's easy.  No, it doesn't take much work.

And no, don't you dare sign up with one of those rip off credit repair companies because 99.99% of them are scams and you can do ALL of the stuff they do plus do 1000% better using MY simple strategies instead.

Okay, so about that one thing...

Extra Incredible Bonus:  Quick Cash Resource Directory

I have some new resources that are all legit, brand new, and not part of any other resource directory I have out there.  It's a listing of amazing resources that will give you quick lines of credit.  And we're not talking paltry amounts of credit.  We're talking significant lines of credit for those who have GOOD personal credit.

Please understand, this is NOT a resource list you will be using immediately.  You will first have to follow the credit building steps first, increase your FICO for 90 days, THEN you can use this resource list to get anywhere from a quick 48-hour $10,000 to a $200,000 line of credit (depending on HOW MUCH you increased your FICO score).  No, this is not a "bad credit" loan list where you'll be lucky to score a Payday Loan of $500.  This is a powerful list of REAL sources where you can get loads of dough if you have the credit.  (Which you will by following my course!)

Okay, So What's the Deal?  How Much?

If you want the Personal Credit Building System (Complete DOWNLOAD Course), it's ONLY $297 $97.  This is an extraordinarily low price because it's the download version.  This past summer, I sold hundreds of these courses when I newly released this system for almost $300...and I sold them like hot cakes.

Now you can get the download version instantly so you can start working the system right now without waiting for the physical version to ship to your doorstep.  And you can get it for a FRACTION of the cost!

You Either Need This or You Don't

I'm not going to go into an arm-twisting spiel about how you need this, you can't live without this, your life is over unless you get this, blah, blah, blah...because that wouldn't be true for everyone.

Who doesn't need this?

  • Someone with an 800+ FICO score, no delinquencies, no negative marks, and few inquiries
  • Someone who has no desire to invest in property in this market (who is also probably deaf, dumb, AND blind)
  • Someone who is satisfied in waiting out the 7 - 10 years for all the bad crap to fall off his or her credit report by itself (and thus willing to miss out on the LAST lucrative opportunity to get bottom-basement prices on real estate in his or her lifetime)

Who needs this?

  • Everyone who DOESN'T fit into any category above
  • Anyone who is in a MASSIVE HURRY to change the "landscape" of their 3 credit reports
  • Anyone who wants to make money in this economy while you can get property DIRT CHEAP (but ONLY if you have cash or good credit to get the cash)
  • Anyone who is sick of living as a Paycheck Charlie, 2 paychecks from the street, and wanting to use OPM (Other People's Money) or CREDIT to make a fortune while they can as quickly as they can!
Questions?  Call Us!

Questions?  Call my office!  The number:  (661) 295-5050.  We are here Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Banks and lenders want to see good personal credit otherwise you don't have a chance in getting huge sums of unsecured credit.  Fixing your credit is simple once you understand some of the little-known secret strategies!  Don't wait another minute!  You are literally a few months away from having an excellent FICO score!


Here's What Other People Think:

Rich L. (California)

"Monica's credit strategies are hands down the best.  She uses techniques that are unheard of anywhere else.  My credit was so bad that I had read every book on credit repair out there.  I even got ripped off by a few attorney services that are supposed to fix your credit.  I was skeptical about Monica's program but once I got going on following her simple steps, I realized that fixing my own credit was easy as long as I was consistent with the process.  I went from having horrible credit to boosting my FICO 81 points in 2 months then another 33 points 2 months after that.  In 6 months I went from a 524 to a 677 FICO.  These techniques are nothing short of amazing."

Iris Jordan-White with Baby Bo and Hubby Billy

"Having good credit is required but I didn't take good enough care of it in my early 20s.  I realized that I wanted to invest in real estate but I needed to have decent personal credit if I wanted to get a property mortgage.  I didn't think it was possible to quickly fix my credit but I was shocked to find out that I could remove bad credit delinquencies off my credit reports just by following some easy instructions.  It took me only a few months to erase 6 bad credit accounts while building my credit at the same time.  Here it is a year later and my credit score is 702 when this time last year it was under 600.  Now I have all kinds of credit card offers in the mail for unsecured cards.  (I'm careful not to get into debt though so I don't take them up on the offers.)  I just bought a brand new car at the lowest promotional interest rate when before they would have laughed me out of the showroom.  Thanks for everything."

Meghan Mahoney

"I can't thank you enough for showing me how to remove some of the most impossible things to have taken off a credit report.  I used one of your techniques and had 2 judgments removed.  It wasn't easy and didn't happen overnight but it did take 8 months, they were collectively over $120,000, and now they're completely gone.  Doing this increased my score by over 80 points which took me from 'poor credit' to 'good credit.'  I'm now working on building my credit a little more and in a few months I'll be over the 800 mark, which is my goal."

Brisanne & Scott Johansen

"My wife and I knew that if we were going to build a financial future together, we needed good credit to help us.  It was frustrating because we had tried other credit repair programs and they didn't work.  We were mainly interested in building credit because, it wasn't like our credit was really bad.  I had a couple of past due credit card accounts and Brisanne didn't have any credit at all except for a student loan that her parents co-signed for.  Following your steps, I was able to have my past due credit card accounts removed in less than 2 months.  Both Brisanne and I used the steps to build credit and within 9 months we raised our credit scores from the low 600s to over 700.  I understood that we had to be religious in the process, follow all the steps, and make sure we worked each detail in the right order.  Being a good student in college, I learned how to follow orders and that paid off quite a bit.  Thank you for teaching people how to do this.  And what I really appreciate the most is that what you teach is based on your personal experience."